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Writerly Humor: What Writers Do

I’m sure you remember the phase everyone went through on Facebook where every third post was an image of “What [group] thinks [profession] does.” It’s been long enough for me that I’m not rolling my eyes at this anymore, and I quite like the image.

What Writers Do

[Click the image for a larger version.]

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Writerly Humor: Show, Don’t Tell

Hey there writers,

This week’s writer’s comic is about that famous authorial adage “Show, don’t tell.” If you’re having trouble reading the text, click on the image for a larger version.

Show, don't tell.

Image courtesy of Nedroid

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ICftW: Oxford Commas – Now part of a Nutritious Breakfast

Hey there writers,

Today, I have yet another contribution in my obsessive war-waging for the Oxford comma. This time it’s a wonderful comic demonstrating the eternal rightness and goodness of the Oxford comma (now part of a balanced breakfast). Check it out:

Oxford comma comic - eggs, toast and orange juice

Image courtesy of Shortee

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ICFTW: The Strippers, JFK and Stalin

If you’re on my blog, chances are you already know about my obsession with the Oxford comma. As such, I’m very excited to share an Oxfordian comic for the weekly writer’s comic series. Check it out:

Oxford Comma: The Strippers, JFK and Stalin

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ICftW: “The Dictionary Definition of ‘Writer'”

I haven’t been able to track down the original source for this week’s It Came from the Web cartoon. (In fact, I wasn’t able to find a quality copy anywhere, so I had to toy with the image in PhotoShop to sharpen the image.) If anyone knows the original creator, please let me know!

Writer dictionary definition: Caffeine

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