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Let’s Take a Vacation

Writer's RetreatHere at Incidental Comic’s Writer’s Retreat I’ve been working quite hard to move my work from Procrastination Patio to the Author’s Cloister, but I have to take frequent trips to the Workshop and the Rotunda. Where have you been spending your writing time?


The Hard Part

issue46Seriously! Ideas are easy, writing is hard. And this woman in So You Write has just taken the end of Star Wars and removed the Sci-Fi. Not saying you can’t make a good story from it, but that’s where the work comes in.


Dilbert’s Novel



Sometimes actually starting your novel can be the hardest part. Ultimately, you really need to Get on Your Butt and Write. This week’s Writerly Humor is brought to you from Scott Adams by the Creative Writing Guild.

Internet Enlightenment


Enforcing such errors is unforgivable. Thank you, XKCD.

Trust Your Characters



So You Write reminds us all to trust our characters. We may have created them, but they often know themselves better than we do. Check out our article on Trust Your Characters for tip on how they can help your writing.

Focus on Context



XKCD helps remind us of the importance of providing context for your readers. If they don’t know why things are happening to your character it can end up holding no meaning for them.