8 Hilarious Videos to Watch for National Grammar Day


Happy National Grammar Day! (No, seriously. It’s a thing.)

This holiday is relatively new (circa 2008), and comes to you from a group of enthusiastic grammar nerds. Now, I may not be quite as deep into the “should” of language as many of the most passionate members of the grammarian community, but I do take pleasure in the elegance of a well-formed sentence. Grammar lets us communicate clearly and effectively—and, just as important, it gives us a set of rules that we can intentionally violate for effect.

I wanted to fill you in on some details of the day. The rest of this article will give you information on the holiday, a few of the nerdy happenings and opportunities available for you, and some of my favorite grammar-related videos.

A Bit on National Grammar Day

Why was March 4th chosen for a nationwide celebration of grammar? Why, because it’s the only date that’s also a complete sentence! Or the only one that’s homophonous with a complete sentence, anyway.

The National Grammar Day website has an impressive (if disorganized) line-up of grammar-centric goodies, along with plenty of information about the holiday itself. They even have a song! A completely ridiculous song!

While that’s fun in an oh-my-God-this-actually-exists sort of way, there are better videos out there. Here are a few of them.

Grammar Nazis

Puppets Teaching Grammar

YA Author John Green Discussing Grammar and Snooki

Can’t You Read the Signs?

Schoolhouse Rock: Take 2

5 Worst Typos of History


Stephen Fry on Language

(This video offers something of a counter-point to the holiday itself.)

Bonus Links:

There’s tons worth checking out. For example, all of the Oatmeal Grammar Comics: ApostrophesWho vs WhomHow to Use a SemicolonUses of IronyLiterallyi.e. vs e.g., and Commonly Misspelled Words.

Or these XKCD comics about affect and effectinternet enlightenment, and formal languages.

Or these two collections of signs with botched spelling and grammar.

Or my own passionate defense of the Oxford comma. (It’s a big deal, guys.)

Or this grammar rumble that shows just how violent grammar fights can get.

Okay, okay. I think that’s all I have for you. Know of any grammar-related videos, comics, or events worth sharing? Let me know in the comments, below.