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Write Process


Once again, Grand Snider of Incidental Comics shares with us the process of writing. Careful not to over react, it just makes recovery that much messier.


dial a muse 1 dial a muse 2 dial a muse 3 dial a muse 4 dial a muse 5

And this is why you never try to phone it in.


Ok, well, I hope you enjoyed Bob Gonzalez’s muse arc from Oddbox Comics.

Adaptation Horror Stories

Book MovieGhost stories books tell each other. Check out SMBC and don’t forget to hit the red button for a little something extra.

Seen any good movie adaptations? Share them with us in the comments below.

1% Inspiration


PHD Comics would probably tell you to Get on Your Butt and Write too.




Jokes Are Just Too Short These Days



Each generation thinks things are either falling apart or rising to new heights for their favored field. XKCD reminds us of the history of complaining about writing being too easy and short.

You Should be Writing

Should be WritingNo, really, you should be writing. This message brought to you by PHD Comic.