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Join the Volunteer Corps!

The Creative Writing Guild is run by founder Rob Blair and a group of amazing volunteers in Utah Valley, as well as a smatteringĀ of volunteers from around the world. The Guild is a project that its entire team cares deeply about. If you want to see this project succeed as well, we have a way you can help: Joining our volunteer corps.

What is the volunteer corps?

The volunteer corps is a group of people from around the world who contribute to the Guild’s success. Those in Utah Valley meet up in person to complete large chunks of this work, while those in other locations contribute by writing articles, promoting the site, making connections with bloggers, updating the site’s code, editing content, running the forums, and much more.

Do the volunteer corps get anything in return?

Not at this time, but we’re tracking the contributions of volunteers so that, as our resources expand, we can at least get you a free t-shirt and some social status on the website.

How do I contribute?

If you want to contribute consistently, we’d love to get you on board. Just head over to our contact form, use the term “Volunteer Corps” in the subject, and use the message box to describe your level of interest and current capabilities. We’re seeking writers, designer, coders, artists, editors, forum moderators, drupal enthusiasts, and more.

If you’re instead interested in making a one-time contribution, you can do so by writing a guest post or by making a donation. To make a donation, head over to our contact form and include “donate” in the subject line. We currently accept cash donations on a case-by-case basis, so we’ll work out the details from there.