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Creative Writing Lessons from My Years of Freelancing

C.S. Lakin over at Live Write Thrive was generous enough to share an article of mine with her audience. In that article, I discuss major creative writing lessons I learned during my time as a freelancer. Those lessons range from the value of ritualization to the science of willpower and well beyond.

You can check out the full article here: 5 Freelancing Tips That Will Help You Write That Novel

A Short(ish) History of the Guild

So you want to learn about the history of the Guild. Well, this is the best place to start! While I plan to make regular updates in the updates section of the site as the project moves forward, much of the development over the last few years has already been compiled in a written capstone on the project.

On this page, I will share the core of that document with you to help you see where the Guild came from and where it is (hopefully) going to. Be aware that this was intended as a capstone and so is somewhat lengthier and more detailed than is strictly necessary. Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of this document.

The Start of the Project

In September of 2012, I started writing articles about the writing craft on my blog. At that time, I was writing freelance articles to support my travels through the British Isles, but had grown tired of writing on topics I didn’t care about. If I was going to build a platform, a following, or a community, I wanted it to be based on something I felt passionate about. I continued writing these articles on my personal blog for the months that followed, and used that platform to start building an online community I called the “Creative Writing Collective.”

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The Update Segment of the Blog

The guild blog will be filled with useful content, including tip articles, educational content, and more. The content in the “updates” category will be used specifically to check on the status of the CW Guild project.