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Coming Off Hiatus: Some Notes, Thoughts, and New Directions

About a year ago, the Creative Writing Guild went on hiatus. Now, at long last, I have the opportunity to end that hiatus and reactivate the site. For casual visitors, that’s all you need to know: There will be fresh content posted to the site regularly starting at the beginning of 2017.

For those who have been paying attention for a long time, who are interested in the inner workings, or who are otherwise curious about what’s been going on and what is to come … the rest of this post is for you.

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Going on Hiatus

After a great deal of contemplation and number-crunching, we’ve decided to put the site on a partial hiatus. The site itself will continue, but new posts will not be made in the weekly pattern we’ve been using in past months. We will continue to post as much as possible, given other demands.

The detailed reasons for this choice are complex, but it boils down to this: All volunteers, including leadership, are trying to balance educational, financial, and other personal ambitions with their time dedicated to the Guild. Many have been unable to contribute in the past couple of months, and those who remain are feeling stretched thin. Given that we can’t yet pay volunteers (and don’t expect to be able to do so for a long time), it makes the most sense to lower our level of commitment until we are able to gather the time and resources necessary to truly make the Guild a success.

Thank you so much for your support. And, as always, write on!