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9 Tips to Start World-Building

9 Tips to Start Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding is an essential component in most forms of speculative fiction. Faced with a history of amazingly fantastical worlds, it can be quite daunting. Here we will look at some of the initial concepts in crafting your realms.

1. Start Small

The most intimidating aspect of worldbuilding is the fact that you are building an entire world. You should start with smaller changes, allowing everything else to fall into the standards your readers know and understand. Once you have more experience with worldbuilding techniques, you can add higher degrees of complexity.

2. Identify Your Needs!

To help alleviate the overwhelming blegh of building a world, you can identify what aspects of worldbuilding your story will need and focus on those. Does a long journey across the lands play a prominent role in your story? Does it involve space travel? Are multiple cultures involved? Is there a magic or alternative physics system in play, and if so, do its details impact the story?

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