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Are Teens Sexting Enough?

writing_skillsXKCD reminds us that with enough people writing some of them are bound to be good. Just remember that when you look at how many writers you are up against as you go to your publisher.


Safe Place


Safe PlaceAs a parent it can be hard to find a safe place to write. PHD Comics understands the pain.

Research, Research, Research


So You Write reminds us the importance of complete and thorough research… of the right type.

Turn Your Assignments into Productive Writing


With school starting up in full swing again, many students will be under pressure to write several assignments that may be quite daunting. In my own schooling I found that one excellent method of relieving some of that stress is to turn the assignment into productive writing for my own projects. It might never become something you publish, but at least make it a tool for helping yourself. Hopefully, this can also apply to other forms of assigned writing, not just school work.


When deciding to turn your assignments into productive writing there are two major things to consider;

1: What is the assignment designed to accomplish?

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Praise Your Writers!

Delighting an Author

Once again, SMBC understands what writers need to hear.


issue471So You Write reminds us that audiences often have a hard time letting go of preconceptions. Despite the success of shows like Southpark, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Bojack Horseman, and Archer, Americans still generally think of cartoons as children’s shows.