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Metaphor Exercise 1: Metaphor Madlibs

Exercise 1: Metaphor Madlibs

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After reviewing the basics of metaphors, it’s useful to practice the art of metaphor-making. Luckily, madlibs can help us. Enjoy the following metaphor-based madlibs as you ingrain the definition of metaphor into your mind.

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The Basics of Metaphors: A Metaphor Is a Bridge

A writer builds concepts metaphor by metaphor. Each metaphor is a bridge leading the reader to more full understanding of whatever the writer is describing. Despite how frequently we use metaphors, however, many writers are confused about the nuances. I’m going to walk you through the finer points of what a metaphor is, isn’t, and can be.

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11 Tips on Naming Your Characters

If you came here because you’re struggling with naming your characters, you’re not alone! Many writers struggle with finding the “right names.” I say “right” because, while there’s no such thing as a perfect name, a name is part of what shapes your character’s identity.

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Should You Use One or Two Spaces After a Period?

If you’re here looking for the simple answer to this simple question, here goes:


That was easy, wasn’t it? But, since you probably asked that question because what you were taught before contradicts what you’re being taught now, let me clarify the ins and outs of this particular writing rule.

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