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Seven Poetic Things You Should Never Do


Poetry has a long history.  The first poem was written about 4100 years ago, and the most recent poem was written probably about two seconds ago.  In all this time that we have had to develop this art, there are some rules that everyone, regardless of poetic style or experience, should follow.  This is a list of seven things that you absolutely must not do as a poet

1. Never say you aren’t a poet.

The bright noonday sun is suddenly obscured by a man who gently sits beside you.  He is dressed in shades of black and grey “a la Paris,” complete with a black beret set askew on his head.  He absentmindedly takes a puff from his extra thin cigarette before pulling out a heavily worn notebook and turning to look at you.  His voice is smooth and methodical as he greets you.  “Excuse me,” he says, “but would you mind being my muse for a moment?  You see, I’m a poet.”

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