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How to Spell “A Lot”

Perhaps normal people have understandable phobias and pet peeves.  As an excessively dedicated writer, however, we have only warped versions of either.  To us, this is warped in its best possible sense.  For example, we cringe—no, we get a little physically ill—every time someone uses the word “alot” with me.

Of course, the major reason we have such a reaction to this word is that the only way this makes sense is if you’re referring to the mythical creature known as an alot (created by our friend at Hyperbole and a Half to help them cope with the same pain).  Therefore, “I care about this alot” turns into:

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Me vs Stephen Fry on Language

A friend of mine posted this video and tagged me, what with me being a punctuation/spelling/grammar/language Nazi.  Even after this well-phrased video, however, I stand my ground.  Here’s my response to the video.

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